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moncler hat mens ebay How to identify a fake Moncler jacket blj1008 Views 55 Like 55 Likes Comments Comment Like if this guide is helpful Please sign in to like this Guide. Share 21 June 2017

In addition to my buying guides, I have a brand new website loaded with unrestricted information, and much easier to follow than the endless stream of text below.  Per ebay policy I can't post a direct link here, but google "Moncler expert" to find your way to my website.  


WATCH OUT for new ACORUS jackets and DUPRES vests on ebay.  Most of them are well made fakes.  Also, Moncler's winter jackets are SOLD OUT AND NOT AVAILABLE at any legitimate retailers but there are sellers regularly listing brand new winter jackets such as MAYA, MOKA, EDWARD, MONTGENEVRE, and CHIMAY (discontinued model) and these are ALL well made fakes.


The sellers of these fakes have a long list of glowing feedback for their Moncler jacket sales because nearly every detail of the jacket is accurately duplicated including the authenticity code, and they have continually managed to deceive buyers with these fakes.   

Check the seller's feedback.  If each item says "Private" in the right column, they are more than likely one of the sellers of these fakes because all of them have their feedback private in an attempt to hide their past sales.

Beware of any brand new Moncler jackets containing the smaller style of QR code tag.  Why?  Because Moncler discontinued use of this style of QR code tag in 2016.  This means that only models from PREVIOUS SEASONS (2013-2015) would still have such a tag, and brand new jackets in popular styles left over from previous seasons are RARE.  To check a seller's previous sales, highlight their user name and copy it, go to "Advanced" at the top right corner of the screen, check the box next to "Completed listings", then scroll down toward the bottom where it says "Sellers" and check the box next to "Only show items from:" and lastly paste the seller's name into the box where it says "Include" and then search.  If you see multiple Moncler sales for brand new jackets of the same models, BEWARE. Read this guide for detailed information on these fakes.  

Moncler counterfeiting is a huge market and the internet is crawling with fake Moncler jackets, especially ebay.  It's disturbing to see people paying anywhere from $500 to $1000 for a cheap counterfeit expecting to get the real thing.  Protect yourself from buying a fake by learning what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to Moncler jackets. 

NEVER NEVER NEVER, under any circumstances, purchase a Moncler from ANY seller in Bulgaria, NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEIR FEEDBACK IS.  One seller out of Bulgaria has a "Top Rated Seller" badge with 100% positive feedback, but has sold at least over 30 fake Monclers in 2016 alone.  Bulgaria is notorious for selling fakes and some sellers will even show a photo of an authentic Moncler and send you a cheap knock-off.  It's best to avoid buying a Moncler from any seller in another country because if it turns out to be a fake you may have to pay return shipping with tracking which is expensive.

This guide pertains primarily to the signature men's and women's winter line of Moncler nylon down jackets produced 2006 and later.  Many of the labels and other details may not necessarily apply to jackets produced before that, and/or accessories/shirts/pants/hats/etc. and other collections such as Longue Saison, Grenoble, and Gamma.

ebay has a policy against selling counterfeits, and while they will generally side with a buyer who purchases a proven fake, they will do nothing to take down a listing for a fake Moncler, and therefore there are a lot of fakes being sold on ebay.  Just because a seller guarantees their item is authentic or claims it was bought at a Moncler store or high end department store like Saks or Neiman Marcus, it doesn't necessarily mean it's authentic .  If you ask most any seller of fakes if the jacket is authentic, OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO SAY IT'S AUTHENTIC.  The whole point of selling fakes is to make money so any seller of a fake is going to say whatever it takes to make a sale.  I have seen sellers with a statement to the effect of "I do not sell fakes or knockoffs" actually selling a fake .  A seller's word alone is never enough and never fall for any claims of Moncler jackets being FACTORY DIRECT.  It's nothing but a LIE! Anytime you buy a Moncler jacket, no matter who from, always check the authenticity number at Moncler's website.  For a detailed explanation of how to do this, read my other guide at this link: I won't dwell on the issue of Lampo zippers, Fiocchi Italy snaps, authenticity tags or other related features because most fakes have them all and a jacket containing all of the necessary features is not necessarily authentic because anything can be counterfeited.  Also, as of around 2010, Moncler began using snaps that simply have the Moncler name embossed on them.  When it comes to zippers, they have on occasion used VISLON zippers and as of 2013 many women's jackets have riri zippers.  Most all men's jackets will still have Lampo zippers.  Moncler never uses generic zippers with no brand name or containing just a random number.



NOW ON TO THE DETAILS: LOGO : The one feature of a Moncler jacket that counterfeiters have not been able to accurately duplicate is the embroidered logo patch on the outside of the jacket.  The details of this embroidery are very consistent from one Moncler jacket to the next and often times a fake can be easily spotted by comparing an authentic Moncler logo patch to the one on the jacket you are looking at.  This is exactly what an authentic Moncler logo looks like:



Notice how the patch is smoothly cut and symmetrical, the letters are evenly spaced and neatly embroidered along a perfect arc?  The lettering is not too bold and the letters never touch each other.  See how the M has a slight taper to it and the ends of the C barely curl in?  These are things to pay close attention to when looking at the logo on a jacket you are interested in. Because fakes are made in so many different locations/factories, there is little consistency from one fake to the next unless they were made by the same counterfeit producer.  Here is an example of 8 FAKE Moncler logos.


Out of all of the varieties of fake Moncler logos, this one seems to be the most common: Notice how MON and CLER appear to be separated by a gap and the letters follow the shape of a V rather than a smooth arc along the bottom?  In addition, the font is not even close to an authentic one.  Pay attention to this fake logo because you will see it a lot on ebay.  In fact, I have recently seen a fake Moncler with this very logo sold for over $800!!! Fake Moncler logos come in all shapes and sizes with crooked lettering, inconsistent spacing and sometimes just plain sloppy workmanship.  Anytime you are looking to buy a Moncler jacket, insist on seeing a close up photo of the logo and compare it to an authentic one as pictured in this guide. Keep in mind that NOT ALL Moncler jackets have this logo.  While most of them do, especially the shiny down jackets, there are a few select models each year that for some reason Moncler decided not to put an exterior logo on. The Moncler logo is most commonly found on the left sleeve up toward the shoulder, either on a small pocket or directly on the sleeve, and on vests and some models of jackets it is found on the front chest area.  The logo is NEVER sewn to the hood of any jacket or vest. Every authentic Moncler logo patch is machine cut and exactly the same size.  The width, marked in red should be 3.7 cm or 1-7/16 inches.  The height, marked in blue, should be 3.4 cm or 1-5/16 inches.  The only exception to this is the logo patch from jackets 2008 and earlier where the patch is larger and should be exactly 7.5 cm or 2-15/16 inches wide and 6.5 cm or 2-9/16 inches high. UPDATE FOR 2015:   It appears that Moncler's logo design has changed just a bit.  Recently I was sent photos of a logo by someone asking if it was fake and I was suspicious because some of the lettering looked a bit different than I was used to seeing.  However, Moncler was sent the photos and determined the jacket to be authentic so needless to say I was a bit puzzled.  Well, I took several photos of logos at a high end department store in Chicago and here is an example: If you study these closely and compare some of the letters to the above logo you may notice a slight variance in the letters N, C and E and R for sure, especially the top half of the R.  While I used to consider such imperfections to be a sign of a fake, it appears that Moncler has perhaps changed manufacturers when it comes to the logo and they are not as consistent as they used to be. This logo has been seen on fake Badete and Joinville jackets being sold in late summer/early fall of 2016.  The rest of the jacket looks authentic but this poor logo copy is a clear sign that it's fake.  Some of these are coming from Bulgaria and some from a US seller with a high 100% feedback score.  Beware!  

AUTHENTICITY TAGS:   Since 2009, ALL Moncler jackets have an authenticity tag, either certilogo or QR code.  DO NOT fall for any stories from sellers claiming that the jacket they are selling does not contain such a tag due to some kind of "reselling regulations" or other policies or regulations from Moncler.  This is nothing but a lie meant to deceive buyers.  If it's authentic, it WILL have an authenticity tag (again, 2009 and later). QR CODE TAG:  As of fall 2013, Moncler jackets have a hologram QR code tag for authenticity.  As of fall 2016, ALL new Moncler jackets will have a new style QR code tag that looks like this: This is a satin tag with a reflective Moncler emblem adhered to it.  The scannable QR code and authenticity code below it is printed on the label. Prior to this, the QR code tag was very small and sometimes difficult to locate on a jacket: This tag is always hidden behind the rest of the tags sewn to the side seam on women's jackets, and it is located in an inside pocket in men's jackets, again, behind the rest of the tags.  You should beware of any Moncler jackets being sold as "Brand new with tags" that do not contain such a tag but QR code tags are also being counterfeited.  The photo below is one example of a faked QR code tag seen on an ebay sale.  Notice how the reflective image is turned 90 degrees to the tag?  An authentic one will not look like that.  This jacket ALSO had a certilogo tag - careless counterfeiting. When viewing a QR code tag, LOOK CLOSELY.  There are some well made fake Monclers out there with QR codes that match the model of jacket and when checking on Moncler's website you may think you have an authentic one when it's really a fake.  Here is one example of a fake QR code: In comparison so the authentic one at the bottom, notice how the font used in the word MONCLER on the top tag is different?  Also, the center emblem above the N and C is a multi-colored hologram that changes colors at different angles.  Spotting these details would require a magnifying glass, a good zoomed photo, strong reading glasses, or really good vision, but these are small details that you need to pay close attention to because counterfeiters are getting better at being deceptive.  The top QR code DID match the jacket it was on but it's a fake so you can't trust the authenticity tag alone. In my opinion, Moncler made a mistake when they stopped using certilogo tags.  The certilogo company tracks their codes, where they are checked from, and how often they are checked.  Certilogo had a way of knowing that a counterfeit with a matching code was still a counterfeit.  Moncler's QR code system does not do this.

SIZING/SIZE TAG:   Moncler always uses their own sizing system on their jackets.  It is usually a number from 0 to 7, however in some cases there will be a 00 or a number greater than 7.  Moncler has never, ever, ever used any other sizing on their men's and women's jackets, such as US sizing (S-M-L-XL, etc) or Italian sizing such as a number 34 or greater.  Also, the size tag is NEVER sewn to the center of the brand label.  Most often it is sewn to the side seam up near the collar but in older jackets (pre 2006) it is sewn to only the left side of the brand label, never the center.  The tags shown here are all from fake Monclers.  

NOT made In Italy/France:  Although Moncler originated in France and then was bought out by an Italian company, production of their signature shiny nylon down jackets is not done in those countries, at least, not since 2006.  Any Moncler being sold with a label that says it was made in Italy or France is suspicious, and MANY fakes do say Italy or France on the label.  The production of Moncler's signature shiny nylon coats is done in countries such as Romania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova/Moldavia, Hungary and Georgia (the country, not the US state).  Jackets produced for the US market have a separate "Made In" tag sewn to the collar seam.  The larger tag on the right is found on pre-2009 models: Moncler jackets produced for the European market state the country of manufacture only on the tag containing the jacket model and do not have a separate "made in" tag.  There are some Moncler jackets that are produced in Italy but they are generally much less common styles from different collections.  

Moncler jackets DO NOT come with a small plastic bubble containing a sample of the down fill.  Anytime you see this, it's a fake.  

Cartoon: The Moncler cartoon is never brightly or vividly colored.  Sometimes the cartoon will even have a faded look to it.  This is what an authentic cartoon commonly looks like: The cartoon on most fakes will have bright vivid colors or dark tones such as on these 3 fakes: The cartoon is always located on the inside front panel of the jacket, almost always the left side (when wearing the jacket).  The cartoon is NEVER located on the inside BACK panel of the jackets.  I have seen a few fakes with the cartoon sewn to the inside back lining. Also, on authentic Monclers, over time and use of the jacket, the cartoon tends to fray on the edges and come loose.  I have seen this on many Moncler jackets.  Yes, it is a sign of poor quality when it comes to the cartoon material, but it is quite common and is not necessarily any indication of being a fake.

Certilogo:  From 2009 through summer 2013, Moncler had used the certilogo authenticity system in all of their jackets.  This is what an authentic certilogo tag looks like: It is always 4 sets of 3 numbers in the colors RED BLUE BLUE RED with a small gap between each set of 3. The certilogo tag in an authentic Moncler will look exactly like this photo with all numbers clearly visible and all text clearly readable.  The certilogo tag is ALWAYS the first tag to the left sewn to the side seam.  The side of the tag containing the number always faces inside toward the other tag(s), never outside.  Below are examples of 3 fake certilogo tags: Women's jackets have all of the tags sewn to the side seam while men's jackets with a certilogo tag will have just the certilogo tag and the down certification tag sewn there, while the rest of the tags are inside an internal pocket.  Certilogo was discontinued by Moncler as of fall 2013 when they went with their own QR Code system as mentioned previously.  Certilogo codes can no longer be verified on certilogo's website but they can be checked on Monclers website.  Many fakes have a number that does not exist in Moncler's database and an attempt to check the number prompts the user to contact Moncler customer service by email regarding the issue.  Other fakes will have a number that was copied from another Moncler jacket but the number associates with a different model of jacket than the one it is on.  This video explains it well:

Online Shopping:   Other than Moncler's official website, do not trust any other site using the Moncler name in their web address or any site calling themselves a "Moncler outlet store".  These sites are set up intentionally to be deceptive, using authentic Moncler photos and logos but they are all Chinese counterfeit factories.  Any sites using generic words in the web address such as jackets, sale, cheap, wholesale, etc. are NEVER authentic Moncler dealers.  Also, any website selling the full winter line year round is a counterfeiter.  Moncler's winter line is very limited, and available from about September through January for the most part until all stock is sold out. When it comes to all of the details of a Moncler jacket, this video covers them all: If you have a question about the authenticity of a particular Moncler jacket, feel free to contact me.  I am always willing to help.  If you wish to do so, please contact me at the following address rather than posting a facebook comment below.  I do not receive notifications when someone posts a comment and I seldom check them. If you contact me about an ebay item, please provide a link to the listing, or if you provide only the item number I need to know which country's ebay you are looking at.  For instance, an item on ebay's UK website cannot be found when searching on any other ebay domain.

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