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Sample complaint letter | Formal letter writing

Sample complaint letter

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You hav lcavdxvk. complaint definitione bought a brand new cellphone built by a reputed company. When you got home, you realized that the phone doesn
complaint letter

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To reply to a complaint letter, companies should thank the customer who is complaining, address the complaint and compensate the customer. Swiftly respond to all complaints so that customers know their opinions matter.

Continue Reading Keep Learning How do you file a complaint against a judge? How do you write a customer complaint letter? How do you fill out a customer complaint form? Full Answer Open by thanking the customer for the complaint

In the opening of the letter, thank the person complaining. This draws the person into the letter to find out exactly what he did that deserves the company's gratitude. Explain that his complaint is an important issue that needs to be resolved so that all customers can benefit from the resolution. Mention that the company's executives are happy to have the chance to better satisfy customers.

Address the complaint

Restate what the customer complained about. Discuss what should have happened or what can happen in the future to resolve the customer's issue.

Compensate the customer

Give the customer something for taking the time and making the effort to write a letter regarding the issue. Explain that company executives understand the customer's time is valuable, and offer a small token in compensation for his effort.

Remember these tips

Respond quickly. The quicker the company responds, the more memorable the response is to the customer. A long time span between the lodging of the complaint and the response to the complaint can lead to negative feedback. Be personable. A personal response holds more value to the customer than a general company response.

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The Letter of Complaint . . . The Letter of Complaint contains the usual parts of a formal business letter. It will contain your address, the inside address, the salutation, the complimentary close and your name, following the signature spaces.   Do not forget to sign the letter. The letter may contain a postscript.

The Body
The body of the letter contains several parts: the problem (including a general request for action), the compliment, the factual back-up, the request for specific action or remedy, where you can be reached, a reasonable deadline for action and possibly a statement of intended action (the "or else").   You may want to include this last part in a postscript to the letter.

The following letter is intended to illustrate the form with a little humor. Do not libel or make illegal or ridiculous threats in your letter.   Such threats, though tempting in anger, only hurt the credibility of your letter and could possibly cause more trouble.   Try to identify the sections in the following spoof:


Sample letter:

12401 S.E. 320th Street
Auburn, WA 98002
July 30, 2002


Donny Rummyfeeling
1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
P.O. Box 1066
Washington, D.C. 01234


 Dear Mr. Rummyfeeling:

I recently purchased a small tactical nuclear device from your covert arms store.   The product definitely did not work as expected or as promised, and I expect a refund and compensation for various problems that arose from the malfunctioning of the product.

I appreciate the variety of products and services that your business offers and the variety of payment plans you make available to customers.   Taking my old shotgun and my oldest teenager as a down payment on the device was really helpful.   Many of my old acquaintances from the former KGB have been pleased with your operation and highly recommended your services and products.

I am enclosing a photograph and recording of the neighbor's still very alive, loud and vicious dog (only slightly singed, but definitely glowing in the dark), copies of the contractor's estimate to reconstruct my home and parts of the neighborhood,   the hospitalization expenses for me and my family, the fines from the County Sheriff's Office and the nuclear regulatory crowd, and an estimate from my lawyer of the defense costs.

Since I had these unexpected difficulties--a much higher, unfocused yield--with a product warranted by you and purchased by me in good faith, I want your help.   I want a replacement device that works as it should;   I want my home repair costs, hospitalization costs, fines, and legal defense costs reimbursed, and I want damages in the amount of $100,000 (or an equal line of credit at your store) for the mental and physical suffering that resulted from the improper functioning of the weapon.  

I can be reached at GRCC, 12401 S. E. 320th Street, Auburn, WA 98002 (206-833-9111 ext 4235) where I teach Terrorist Tactics for People with a Grudge or at 32001 Pacific Highway South (c/o Pussycat Motel and Massage Parlor) Federal Way, WA 98003 (206-833-9112)where I am temporarily residing while the radiation level drops before my home can be rebuilt.

Thank you for your attention, Mr. Rummyfeeling. I expect to hear from you by August 31.

Unhappily yours,

  Sly Stallion 

Sylvester Stallion
aka Rambo from Renton


P.S.   If I do not receive compensation in this matter by the end of August, I intend to bring my students on a field trip in a fully armed Blackhawk helicopter to your place of business for a little field experience so they can observe first hand how helpful a person in your business can really be.  


Write a letter of complaint.   If you have a genuine complaint, you may have to call the place of business or whatever to get the name of the person to address.   A brief telephone call to the secretary/receptionist should work.   These numbers can often be found internet sites like and  and internet yellow pages like and . When you call, say that you have had a problem and want to know who can help you.   Get the name, title, address, etc.    If you do not have a current difficulty or problem, try to recall one, reconstruct the incident, and write accordingly. Please put a note at the bottom if the circumstance is real and immediate, and I will be glad to help you. Otherwise, please be serious and as truthful as possible in your reconstruction, unlike the example above.