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How to Write a Complaint Letter to a Company (with Sample Letters)

wiki How to Write a Complaint Letter to a Company Four Methods: Sample Complaint Letters Writing Your Complaint Letter Achieving the Correct Tone and Format Following Up Community Q&A

Writing a letter of complaint is something most people have to do at some point in their lives. This wikiHow will show you how to write a complaint letter to a company.

10 Second Summary

1. Address your letter to the customer service department.
2. Address the problem in the first line. Be specific.
3. State what outcome or remedy will satisfy you.
4. Attach copies of supporting documents.
5. Give them a time limit to resolve the matter.
6. Finish the letter respectfully.

Steps Sample Complaint Letters Sample Customer Complaint Letter

Sample Complaint Letter to Pet Store

Sample Complaint Letter to Retail Store

Method 1 Writing Your Complaint Letter 1 Address your letter to the customer service department. When writing a letter of complaint, your best chance of success will come from directing the letter to the customer service department of the company. The customer service department is accustomed to dealing with complaints and your letter is likely to be processed efficiently and effectively. [1] Try to find out the name of the customer service manager or director and address your letter to them personally. Begin your letter with Dear Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms followed by their surname. If you cannot find the name of the customer service manager, simply write Dear Sir or Madam . [2] You should be able to find the address of the customer service department on the company's website, on any of the company's promotional or advertising materials or product packaging or labels. [1] 2 Quickly get to the point of your letter. The very first line of your letter should clearly address why you are writing the letter and what your exact complaint is. Give as many pertinent facts as possible, including the date, time and location where you made the purchase or received the service, along with any relevant serial or model numbers. The recipient of the letter should be able to identify the point of the letter in under five seconds, so avoid any long, rambling intros. You may provide further detail or explanation of the situation in the paragraph following your opening sentence, but the first line should draw attention to your complaint as succinctly as possible. For example, your opening sentence might read: "I am writing to complain about a faulty hair dryer that I purchased from your company on the 15th of July at your location on First Street, Exampletown." 3 State specifically what outcome or remedy will satisfy you. If you want a replacement, a refund, a repair, or some other form of compensation, state this clearly in your second paragraph. This will help to avoid receiving a form letter or other stock response, and give the recipient something to work with on their end. Try to be as constructive as possible in your comments, suggesting a way that you can move forward and continue your relationship with the company. If you demand a refund or some other form of compensation, while simultaneously informing them that you plan on taking your business elsewhere, they will have little incentive to try to resolve the problem. [1] If you would like the company to correct a broader problem, state that in your letter as well, but recognize that such a thing may take time. Do not threaten legal action in your first communication. It may be the solution you ultimately require, but send your complaint letter first and await a response. 4 Attach copies of supporting documents. These may include receipts, guarantees, warranties, copies of checks you sent and, if appropriate, photos or videos. All documentation should be included with your letter. Make sure that you send copies of any documentation you wish to include, not the originals. That way, there's no chance of this key information being lost or mislaid, should you need to provide evidence to someone else. Also make sure to state in the body of the letter the exact materials you are including. For example: "Please find attached a copy of my original receipt, along with a copy of the hair dryer's guarantee and information regarding the serial number." 5 Give them a time limit to resolve the matter. It is helpful to provide an exact time period within which you would like the issue to be resolved. This will give you peace of mind and will help bring the issue to a speedy conclusion. Providing a time limit will also help to prevent the possibility of your letter becoming lost or forgotten about, which may lead to further awkwardness and resentment between you and the company. [3] Just make sure that the time period you provide is reasonable. A week or two is usually sufficient, though this will vary depending on what your requests are. 6 Finish the letter respectfully. Thank the recipient for their assistance, and let them know how and when they can reach you to resolve the matter. This will make their job a lot easier, resulting in a more efficient outcome for you. Sign off the letter with Yours sincerely , if you know the name of the person you are writing to, or Yours faithfully if you referred to them as "Sir" or "Madam". Avoid informal closings such as "Best," or "Yours truly." [2] Method 2 Achieving the Correct Tone and Format 1 Be polite . You may be angry, and may have every right to be, but being rude will only put the recipient on the defensive. Write in a respectful tone and avoid making threatening, angry or sarcastic comments at all costs. Remember that the person reading your letter was not directly responsible for whatever happened, and they will be much more responsive and willing to please a gracious, polite customer than an angry, accusatory one. Remember, the company to which you are writing probably isn't out to get you, intentionally. Most companies have an interest in their customer's satisfaction. You will have much better success treating the recipient as somebody who wants to help you, rather than assuming they're filled with malicious intent. Don't write when you're furious. Wait to write your letter until you have calmed down. Or if you wish, write the letter while you are fully steamed, and then let it sit for a day or two before you send it. In all likelihood, you will want to rephrase things in a less-incendiary way. 2 Be concise. Customer service representatives may receive as many as hundreds of letters a day, so it's vital that you get to the point quickly, so they know exactly what they're dealing with as soon as they begin reading. If your letter is too long or detailed, the reader will be inclined to skim its contents and end up with an unclear idea of the exact problem or your desired resolution. [1] Avoid superfluous detail or going off on long rants or tangents. Try to keep your letter on a single page, or under about 200 words. 3 Be authoritative. Being authoritative in your letter creates the right tone and lets the company know that your complaint is to be taken seriously. This is especially true of more serious complaints, which may have considerable financial implications. [1] Being authoritative encompasses a range of things, such as the quality of the language used, your knowledge of your rights and the company's responsibilities, as well as the professional presentation of the letter. [1] All of these things give you credibility, which should positively effect the response to your letter. 4 Format your letter in a clean, correct way. As mentioned above, formatting your letter in a professional way can favorably influence how your complaint is received. Include your name, address and the date in the top right-hand corner, followed by the name or title of the person you are writing to, along with the company's address, on the left-hand side, just above the body of the letter. Always type up your letter on a computer, this makes it easier to read and is much cleaner looking. If you must hand write your letter, make sure your writing is clear and legible, with no crossed out words or ink smudges. To write your signature, leave a blank space under the Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely where you can write in your signature by hand. Underneath this space you should also type your name so it is easily read. Keep the letter tidy and well-spaced, with paragraphs of approximately equal-size. 5 Check spelling and grammar. Incorrect spelling and grammar can negatively influence how your complaint is received. Make sure to do a spell check on your computer before printing the letter, or have someone else read it over before you send it. Method 3 Following Up 1 Wait until the time limit you provided is up. Be patient and do not pursue any further action until the time limit you provided in your initial letter is up. If this date passes and you still haven't heard anything, you may follow up with a phone call or email to check if the letter was received. It is always best to give the company the benefit of the doubt. If you still do not receive any information regarding your letter or if you do but the situation was not handled to your satisfaction, you can proceed by addressing your complaint to someone higher on the chain of command. 2 Proceed along the chain of command. If you are unsuccessful in your dealings with the customer service director, try to find out who the next person in the chain of command is and reach out to them instead. Each time you move up the ladder, whether it's from Customer Rep to Supervisor to Director to Vice President to CEO, attach the correspondence you have had at the previous level. This will update your new company representative and very possibly get the matter resolved in a non-litigious way. It is better to start with the customer service department before working your way up instead of going to straight to the top. This is because the customer service department are more used to dealing with these types of complaints and any letters addressed to the CEO will probably be referred back to this department anyway. [1] If this is the case, the employees of the customer service department might automatically regard you unfavorably, as you tried to go over their heads. [1] Be aware that if you are writing a letter to a CEO or Managing Director, it will need to be extra clear, concise and well-written, as they will have no prior knowledge of the incident. 3 If you wish to pursue legal action, see an attorney. He or she will know how to proceed. Keep in mind that legal action should be your last resort and leading with it in your letter sets a negative tone and will derail any requests for compensation you may ask for at the same time. It also may come back to bite you if your bluff is called. Community Q&A Search Add New Question How do I write a complaint letter? wikiHow Contributor Stick to the facts. Tell them what happened, and back up your opinions with facts. Be assertive, but not angry. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9 How do I deal with a company that is making demands for payment of goods returned that they say never arrived? wikiHow Contributor Any good company should take goods lost in transit into consideration. You may want to check them out on the Better Business Bureau to see if this happens often with this particular company. Write a letter stating what items you sent, when you sent them back, and include any receipts or tracking numbers that you have. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 4 Helpful 13 Should I take the letter in personally or mail it if they're local? wikiHow Contributor Taking the letter in is better because it shows how much you care about the issue. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5 Where do I put my contact information on the letter? wikiHow Contributor Your contact information can go in the body of the letter by stating, "You can reach me at..." or after the sign off, below your typed name. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 6 Helpful 10 Can I send pictures of my stroller and car seat combo if I do not know the model number? wikiHow Contributor Give it a try, but the model number should be on the bottom of each item. If they are not on the items, perhaps the picture will help the clerk find it. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 3 Helpful 6 Unanswered Questions How do I complain about my manager who is always giving me a hard time at work? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How can I complain about someone's behavior? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a letter for unpaid wages? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How can I write a letter complaining about receiving damaged goods? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a letter to the outgoing president about failing to handover the tools? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Submit Already answered Not a question Bad question Other If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. Tips Do not send sworn letters of witnesses. In fact, if you think you might wind up in court over this, you might want to hold back not only the witness's statement but her name as well. Remember, too, that court is likely to be costly. It is better in most cases to seek an agreement informally, or at most through arbitration. Before you write, take some time and reflect on what has occurred. When you have thought the whole thing out and know just what you want and how you want to ask for it, you will be ready to write your letter. Don't swear. Remember that what you want is recompense or resolution, and offending your reader will not accomplish that. If you'd like to use stronger language , avoid the passive voice and use words that are more direct and descriptive. Perhaps you were appalled or even revolted , stronger words than simply disappointed . Be sure your letter includes your name, address, e-mail, and phone number (home, work and cell if possible). Also, be sure to ask for the reader's information as well so that you can both keep abreast of any progress regarding your complaint. If you are writing to complain about a specific person, limit your letter to their shortcomings and do not disparage the organization as a whole. If you are writing to complain about a policy of the company, do not insult the listener or the policy. Simply state your problem and how you want it to be resolved. Submitting your complaint in writing has a stronger effect than sending the company an email, fax, or a comment on their blog or website. Most companies treat formal written complaints with a higher priority. Keep copies of all correspondence and the dates your letters were sent. Read it over and be positive that everything is truthful, sincere, and verifiable. There are consumer websites where you can voice your complaints as well as see if others have been in the same situation with that particular company. Warnings It is illegal to write a letter that contains language threatening physical violence, destruction of property, or assault to health or safety. A threat can be interpreted as harassment and grounds for action in a court of law, and is can be subject to penalties ranging from fines to prison time. Do yourself a favor and put threats out of mind. Do not put them in writing and send them! Edit Related wikiHows

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moncler sale uk 2013 wiki How to Write a Letter of Complaint to Human Resources Four Methods: Sample Letters Complaining About Harassment Writing a Letter on Another Issue Taking Next Steps Community Q&A

Is your boss threatening your job if you don't "see things his way?" Is a coworker sabotaging you or taking credit for your ideas? The workplace can be stressful enough without these issues to deal with. It's time to act. Write down important details about your complaint and put them in a letter to Human Resources (HR). If HR has a complaint form, use that instead.

Steps Sample Letters Sample Sexual Harassment Letter of Complaint

Sample Emotional Abuse Letter of Complaint

Sample Unfair Treatment Letter of Complaint

Method 1 Complaining About Harassment 1 Identify workplace harassment. Sexual harassment is one form of workplace harassment, but it isn’t the only form. You can harassed on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, or genetic information. [1] Consider the following behaviors, which might qualify as harassment: derogatory remarks or slurs based on the protected characteristic intimidation threats and physical assaults telling offensive jokes 2 Write down details about the harassment. You’ll want to give Human Resources as much information as possible. Accordingly, you should sit down and write down the following: [2] Who harassed you and their relationship to you. You can be harassed by a supervisor or by a co-worker. Also, the harassment can come from someone as the same sex as you. When each harassing act occurred—date, time, and location. Also write down what the person said or did, and how you responded. Who witnessed the harassment. Write down their names and job titles. What tangible evidence you have of the harassment. For example, you may have harassing emails, voice mails, or notes. 3 Format your letter. Set up your letter like a standard business letter . If you know the name of the contact in Human Resources, then include that in the salutation. Call and ask if you don’t know. 4 Introduce yourself and your purpose. In the first paragraph, you should give HR some idea why you are writing to them. For example, you should state that you want to lodge a complaint about harassment and identify your harasser. 5 Lay out the facts of the harassment. Be clear and get to the point. [3] You want to provide enough information that HR can see there is a harassment problem that needs investigation. Explain where and when the harassment occurred, as well as who witnessed it. Describe the incidents in chronological order, which is the easiest for people to understand. In some larger organizations, HR might not know everyone, such as a coworker. You should identify who they are, e.g., “Jason Jones, who works in the cubicle next to me, saw our boss make the obscene gesture.” Stick to the facts. You shouldn’t make any kind of allegation or charge that you can’t back up with proof, such as your written memories or a witness. For example, don’t speculate about your boss or coworker’s motivation for what they said or did. You don’t know that. 6 Explain how you responded. This is legally important. Harassment is only illegal if it is unwelcome. [4] If you welcomed the harassing behavior, then you haven’t been harassed according to the law. You should state what you did or said in response. For example, you might have told someone not to touch you. Also explain if you tried to resolve the issue. For example, you might have met with your harasser to ask them to stop making sexually-explicit jokes. Remember to explain how the harassment made you feel. For example, you might have had trouble working in a team with the person who was harassing you, which caused you to skip work or perform below your usual standards. 7 Propose a solution. At the end of the letter, you should state what you want from HR. For example, you might want to be transferred to a different department. You can also request that HR investigate and punish your harasser. However, you should probably avoid telling HR to “fire” your harasser. That’s their judgment to make. Remember to end the letter by thanking HR for their time. Insert “Best” or “Sincerely,” and then sign the letter. 8 Avoid using offensive language. Although you may be angry, you should try not to show it. Using foul language can only undermine your ability to get help. In fact,, the person reading the letter might become angry at you. [5] Instead of writing, “I’m so pissed right now,” write “I am angry.” Instead of “my boss is a bigot,” write “Mr. Jones intimidates me by repeatedly yelling at me using racial slurs.” 9 Send the letter to HR. After you sign your letter, make a copy before sending it. Also hold onto any supporting documentation, such as emails, voicemails, notes, or witness statements. You may need to share them if HR opens an investigation. Method 2 Writing a Letter on Another Issue 1 Identify why you want to complain. There are many issues you should bring to the attention of Human Resources. For example, you might want to complain about the following: You haven’t been paid properly: your company might be withholding pay, not calculating it properly, etc. You have not received what you have been promised under your employment contract. Your boss or coworkers are bullying you. Some abuse doesn’t qualify as workplace harassment. Legally, harassment must be based on a protected characteristic, such as race, gender, religion, age, etc. [6] Nevertheless, someone might bully you simply because they don’t like you, and you should report them. For example, a coworker might say something that makes you uncomfortable. A random sexually-charged joke might not qualify as sexual harassment. However, there’s no reason to put up with it. You can report inappropriate behavior that makes you uncomfortable. 2 Gather facts. You have to imagine the HR employee who reads your letter. They might not even know who you are, and they have no reason to believe you. For these reasons, you’ll need to fill your complaint letter with facts. Gather the following: What happened, when and where. If you’ve been bullied, write down the details. Who is involved (your immediate supervisor, coworker, employee in a different part of the organization, etc.) How you attempted to resolve the issue. Did you talk to a supervisor? Ask HR for help already? Write down the dates and the names of who you spoke with. Also summarize any responses you received. 3 Set up your letter. You’ll want to write using a business letter format. Properly format your word processing document by choosing a legible font size and style (Times New Roman 12 point works well). Also use block paragraphing. Contact HR and ask who to address your letter to. Your salutation should read “Dear Mr. Jones” or something equivalent. 4 Begin the letter. It’s best to get right to the point. State that you want to make a complaint and identify the substance of the complaint. If you work in a large organization, you should probably identify yourself as well. For example, you can begin with something like the following: “I am a data processing clerk in our accounting office. I’m writing to complain that my total pay has been inaccurate for two months now.” 5 Provide details. Give the reader enough information so that they can effectively investigate. [7] If you haven’t been paid properly, identify the pay periods. If you’re being bullied, provide a chronological discussion of the major bullying incidents. You can provide more detail later. You can write something like the following: “There have been three major bullying incidents” and then write “Additionally, there has been low-level bullying, which I am happy to discuss in person with you.” 6 Explain how you have handled the issue. Let HR know what attempts you have made to fix the problem and why you are unsatisfied with the results. If you’ve spoken to a supervisor, state so. Remember to provide dates. For example, you can write, “On January 12, I told my supervisor, Kevin Jones, about my pay being wrong. Although he said he would investigate, my pay hasn’t changed and he doesn’t seem too worried about it. We are now approaching the two-month mark and I am still not being paid properly.” Also let HR know how you have been feeling. For example, if you are being bullied, briefly explain how it has affected your health. Identify if you had to take time off or had to see a doctor. [8] 7 End the letter with a request for help. Ask HR to investigate and to contact you if they have questions. Sign your letter beneath the word “Sincerely” and keep a copy of the letter for your records. If you don’t think HR has your phone number, you can include that as well. Method 3 Taking Next Steps 1 Meet with an HR investigator. Depending on the severity of your complaint, HR might appoint an investigator to gather more information. You may need to sit down for an interview. Also provide supporting documentation promptly. Although you may be told that the interview is confidential, you should expect many other people in the organization to know what you have written. You may be disappointed with the resolution HR reaches. For example, don’t be surprised if management is let off the hook with only a slap on the wrist. [9] 2 Participate in mediation. Human Resources might have a mediation program you can use to resolve disputes. In mediation, you and the person you are having problems with will meet with the mediator, who is a neutral third party. The mediator isn’t a judge. However, they can help each side talk and listen to each other. [10] The purpose of mediation is to resolve the dispute voluntarily so that each side can walk away feeling good. If the harassment has been severe, you shouldn’t feel compelled to mediate a dispute with your employer. Instead, you should find an attorney and discuss next steps. Your employer might offer “conciliation,” which is like mediation. However, the conciliator is more involved in decision-making than a mediator, who lets the parties decide a proper resolution. 3 File a harassment charge with the EEOC. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigates claims of workplace harassment. You can file a complaint (“charge”) with them. You may also complain to a state agency that investigates harassment. Avoid delay. You have 180 days from the date of the harassment to file a discrimination charge with the EEOC. [11] Your state agency may give you more time. Generally, federal EEOC law cover most employers. But some smaller employers might only be covered by state law. If your employer has 15 or fewer employees, you may need to complain to your state agency. Use the Assessment System at the EEOC website to check whether you should direct your complaint to a state agency: . 4 Hire an attorney. You need expert assistance to protect your rights. A lawyer can help you if your employer retaliates against you, continues to harass you, or refuses to pay owed wages. Contact your local or state bar association and ask for a referral. Visit the American Bar Association to find your nearest bar association: . Ask for an employment lawyer . When you call to set up a consultation, ask how much the lawyer charges. Prepare for your consultation by gathering helpful documents, such as a copy of your complaint letter to HR. At the consultation, you will discuss whether you have a legal case. Not all harassing conduct rises to the level of legal harassment. For example, one off-color joke probably doesn’t qualify. Community Q&A Search Add New Question How do I write a letter of complaint? wikiHow Contributor Simply write a letter that explains what happened and why it is something that bothers you. You could also suggest ways of making the problem better. Remember to stay calm and write clearly. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 13 How do I write a letter complaining about receiving a low bonus? wikiHow Contributor Address your letter to the head of HR and outline the reasons why you believe the bonus was low. You may also include a request for what you want to happen going forward. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5 How do I respond to a complaint about me? wikiHow Contributor Just be honest and stick up for yourself. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4 Do you need to show the person the complaint letter that was written about them? wikiHow Contributor No. However, HR might share the letter with the person you have complained about. You might want to check with HR ahead of time to check. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3 How do I write a letter about a customer being sexually abused by management? wikiHow Contributor First, contact local authorities; sexual abuse is a crime. Write to the person's boss and describe what happened. Write professionally, as they will take you more seriously. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1 How do I write a wrongful terminate grievance letter? wikiHow Contributor See the article "How to Write a Grievance Letter for Wrongful Termination." Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 7 Helpful 6 How do I fill in a complaint petition against my manager? wikiHow Contributor If HR created the form, then you should check with them for the process. If you have a union representative, also ask them. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0 Unanswered Questions How do I write a letter of complaint about an unfair company? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a letter of complaint against a coworker? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a letter to human resources for employment? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... How do I write a complaint letter to my spouse's co-worker? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... I was verbally attacked by another employee on my day off via voice mail. How do I submit this to HR? Answer this question Flag as... Flag as... Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Submit Already answered Not a question Bad question Other If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. Tips Your workplace might have a grievance form for you to fill out. You should check with Human Resources before writing your letter. Use the form if one is available. Edit Related wikiHows

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Boots wrap [02 Jan 2007|08:01pm]
nickyc Boots Customer Care PO Box 5300 Nottingham NG90 1AA To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to express my severe disappointment at finding a rubber glove finger in my Chicken Fajita wrap. I purchased the item (Barcode: 2144815380068) at Liverpool John Lennon Airport on December 24th, 2006. As I came to the end of the wrap's first portion, I noticed something blue clinging to the bottom. When I pulled it out of the packaging, I found a rubber glove finger attached to the wrap. As you can imagine, I immediately stopped eating the wrap and threw the remaining food away. I have, however, enclosed the packaging and the glove finger that I discovered in my wrap. While I'm pleased the meals are obviously prepared with good hygiene in mind, the discovery of a rubber glove in my Chicken Fajita wrap is extremely disturbing. I'm a loyal Boots customer who regularly develops photos and purchases medicine and Meal Deals, but after this horrifying experience I'm not sure I'll ever buy from Boots again. I trust you'll take this matter seriously and take whatever action/compensatory measures you deem appropriate. Yours truly, [name withheld] Advantage Card #: [withheld] [phone number withheld] 1 comment|post comment

Beechams Flu Plus Caplets [27 Nov 2006|10:10pm]
onlysuperstitio Beechams Flu Plus Caplets

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you as someone has recently suffered from a mild case of influenza, and who purchased a packet of Beechams Flu Plus caplets in order to relieve the pain and aid my recovery. Whilst you may be happy to hear that my symptoms have now subsided, I feel that I should contact you to raise my concerns as to the ingredients of your product, as a quick glance of the list on the packet, followed by some additional research, has left me somewhat concerned.  

The packet (enclosed) lists the main ingredients, and also makes mention of two ‘E number’ additives, Potassium Sorbate (E202) and Sunset Yellow Colouring (E110.) After a quick glance at the information leaflet inside, there are also two extra artificial colourings listed; Titanium Dioxide (E171) and Quinoline Yellow (E104), and it is the presence of the two yellow colourings that particularly concerns me. After some research, I have found out that these two colourings are banned in numerous countries including the USA , Japan and Norway , and it is recommended that they be eliminated from the diet of children. This is most concerning as I purchased your product to treat my flu, something I would have preferred to have done without ingesting an allegedly toxic substance such as E104.

The information I have found on each of the additives suggests little other use for these substances other than as colourings. I for one am not the slightest bit bothered what colour my pill is, so I would like to question the need to include such additives that seem to have the sole purpose of making it a garish orange colour, and contribute little or nothing to the medicinal quality of the product.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt response to the queries and concerns raised in this letter, and if these additives do play any specific role in the make-up of the medication, please feel free to inform me of this as I would be interested to find out more. However, I must say that this experience has made me think very carefully of the medication I will take next time I feel unwell, and the likelihood is that it will not be Beechams Flu Plus or any other product that contains these additives.

Yours Faithfully,


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Pizza Express response [12 Sep 2006|11:27am]
somethingforzoe Been meaning to post this for a while... £10 voucher... not a bad result for a pretty inane complaint! Dear Ms White, Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your visit to our Manchester Triangle restaurant. Whilst I am encouraged by your initial comments regarding the majority of service throughout the meal, I am at a loss to explain the rather odd situation regarding the chocolate fudge cake. My immediate thoughts were that perhaps you had walked past the kitchen and seen a newly baked chocolate fudge cake which needs to cool before being iced. This would account for the non-availability at this time. It does not explain however why another customer was able to receive the same dessert and you were not. Having forwarded your comments to the manager who subsequently spoke to the staff working at that time, I can offer no further explanation other than perhaps the customer near you having in fact ordered the last available piece. Needless to say there was a clear lack of communication by our staff and no satisfactory explanation was given to you at the time, leading to your rather dismayed interpretation of our standard of service. As an apology please find enclosed a voucher for you to use for the purchase of chocolate fudge cake, or any other menu item for that matter, when you visit one of our restaurants again. Your feedback has been quite invaluable in terms of constantly reviewing our performance. Yours sincerely, Michael Baker Operations Manager 3 comments|post comment

Incorrect Miami Vice Review [13 Aug 2006|12:41pm]
howtodestroy [ mood | Outraged !!! ]

Dear Mitchell Peters (Time Off Film Reviewer), I don't respect your opinion. You OBVIOUSLY don't know what yr fucking talking about, so why write it down? Miami Vice was some sweet, sweet 'stache and guns and speedboat action superbly caught on digital video by Michael Mann. For me it brought to mind Danish art-house and Collateral without Tom Cruise, what could possibly be sweeter? Unlike yourself, I did not feel that my inability to understand the plot in any way inhibited my enjoyment of the film. And Gong Li? Did you not consider her a selling point? I would happily pay the $5.70 I paid last night just to look at her hair for 30 seconds. Four stars from me. Mitchell, no stars for you. I expect a complete retraction in next week's issue. Yours sincerely, Ian Rogers 2 comments|post comment

Response from Boots [10 Aug 2006|01:40pm]
_silverlining Thank you for contacting us about our carrot crunchies you recently bought. I am sorry to hear you felt the sticks were discoloured. Before any of our products are released for sale, testing is carried out on all areas, so that we can ensure that they are of the high quality our customers expect. I have made our Shapers team aware of your experience so they can take your comments into consideration at their next review. I would like to reassure you we will continue to monitor this and if necessary take any action considered appropriate. In view of the disappointment this has caused you I have awarded 500 points to your Advantage Card account. These points will be waiting for you at one of our Advantage point machines to collect at your earliest convenience. Just insert your card into the machine and the points will add to your card total. We usually ask customers to return to their nearest shop for a refund or exchange, in this case I have made an exception for you. In the event of any future problems you will find our people in store happy to help. Our promise to our customers is, please keep your receipt and we'll happily give you an exchange, Giftcard or refund if you change your mind. Without a receipt, we'll give you an exchange. For the safety of all our customers we can't accept returned medicines, cosmetics or food unless faulty. Thank you for choosing Boots, with so many great 3 for 2 offers available there really is no better place to shop then at Boots. If you have any questions or feel that there is anything further that I can assist you with please do not hesitate to contact me personally. Kind regards, Afton Allcock Boots Customer Care PO Box 5300 Nottingham NG90 1AA 5 comments|post comment

Winner! [03 Aug 2006|08:19pm]
somethingforzoe [ mood | pleased ]

Dear Ms White, Thank you for your letter received 1 August 2006 concerning Garnier Product. We are sorry to hear of your disappointment following the use of our product and offer our apologies in this respect. All consumer feedback is a valued source of information as this forms the basis for future product development and innovation. Your comments and experience have been forwarded to our Marketing Department. By way of thanking you for taking the time to contact us, please find the enclosed complimentary vouchers from the Garnier range, which we hope you will enjoy spending. Yours sincerely, Hayley Stokes CONSUMER ADVISORY DEPARTMENT Enc: Voucher £6 post comment

[03 Aug 2006|06:14pm]
somethingforzoe [ mood | annoyed ]

Hello, I am a frequent and loyal customer of and have made numerous purchases with your site over the course of the last three years. I have been consistently impressed with the low prices you offer and the variety of hotels, flights and activities you have available. On Sunday, July 30, my boyfriend Ian Potter and I booked a short break to Prague over the weekend of September 8-10. We are going to celebrate Ian's birthday and booked a more expensive hotel that we usually would as a special treat. Part of the reason we opted for a dearer hotel was because I had a voucher to use that entitled me to £20 off any booking. I received the voucher from in an email on June 20, entitled "love is: a 20 quid voucher in this email". According to the email, I needed to use the voucher by July 30, which was the same day we made the Prague booking. However, when we tried to key in the promotional code (2014031746603958) we received a message that the voucher had expired, despite the fact that it should have still been valid. Immediately, I submitted a feedback form to make aware of the problem I had experienced redeeming my voucher. I was told that I would receive a response to my enquiry within 24 hours, however it is now Thursday, August 3 and I have not had any correspondence from your customer service department. I am very concerned that I will not receive the discount I had been promised, and I am also disappointed that is unable to fulfill its promise of responding to customers in the time frame indicated. I did not even receive an email to acknowledge that my feedback had been received. I would appreciate confirmation that the £20 will be deducted from our trip to Prague and that the amount will be credited to Ian's credit card and look forward to a prompt reply. Yours sincerely, Zoe White post comment

[02 Aug 2006|04:44pm]
_silverlining To Whom It May Concern I am a frequent purchaser of the Boots Meal Deal. In fact, I believe it’s the best value lunch around. Today I purchased a Ploughman’s sandwich, Ribena and a packet of Shapers Carrot Crunchies. When I returned to my office to eat my lunch I was devastated to find that a number of the carrots were brown. I was unsure if it was mould or dirt but the discolouration meant these carrots were inedible. Due to the severity of the discolouration, I was reluctant to eat the remaining carrots and had to throw the packet away. Here are the details of the packet: Store purchased: King Street, Manchester Used by date: 7th August Item code: 26-06-909 Bar code: 5 000167076356 Obviously I was very disappointed as I’ve come to expect only the best from Boots. I would hate to think Boots have started substituting quality for value. I would greatly appreciate some form of compensation for the money wasted and the disappointment I experienced. My details are as follows: Regards, Disappointed post comment

Response from Carluccio's [02 Aug 2006|09:20am]
onlysuperstitio [ mood | satisfied ]

Dear Mr Potter Thank you for your email regarding your recent visit to Carluccio’s Ealing. Firstly, please let me apologise for what seems like a very disappointing experience. It is bad enough that you found a hair in your food but that our staff were unhelpful, sloppy and even rude is unacceptable. Having received your email, I discussed the issues with the General Manager at Ealing, who of course has asked that I pass on her apologies along with my own. We both believe we can do much better, which of course we must! I would completely understand if you never set foot in Carluccio’s again but by way of apology I would like to invite you back as our guests. I have therefore taken the liberty of enclosing a voucher for you to use should you wish to give us another try. Thank you for bringing these matters to my attention. Yours Sincerely, Simon Kossoff – Managing Director --- In with the letter was a voucher for a free meal for two with a bottle of wine. Very nice indeed. somethingforzoe - dinner in Ealing on Friday? 4 comments|post comment

A swift response [31 Jul 2006|01:43pm]
somethingforzoe [ mood | hopeful ]

Dear Ms White Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and it is with concern that I read about your disappointment on visiting our Manchester restaurant. I have given your comments directly to the Operations Manager responsible who will investigate your concerns and get back in touch with you. Once again thank you for taking the time to get in touch, we appreciate the opportunity to improve your experience. Many thanks Michelle Petford Stay tuned... 1 comment|post comment

Chocolate Fudge Cake Mystery [31 Jul 2006|11:49am]
somethingforzoe [ mood | bored ]

PizzaExpress Hunton House Highbridge Estate Oxford Road Uxbridge, UB8 1HU To Whom It May Concern, I am a regular diner at your Pizza Express restaurants and consistently enjoy the high quality and freshness of the food, as well as the large range of appetising dishes available at what I consider to be reasonable prices. Recently, I have particularly enjoyed the addition of the Sicilian Lemonade and also the Bufalita pizza, to your menu, and I have recommended these enthusiastically to other people. Over the weekend of July 29-30, I was in Manchester with my boyfriend visiting some friends. We decided to go out for lunch on Sunday, and after considering the wide variety of dining options available to us, I suggested Pizza Express as I have had many enjoyable experiences there in the past. We all enjoyed our main meal at The Triangle restaurant and found the service to be pleasant and efficient. We decided to stay for dessert and made our selections. I had heard that the Chocolate Fudge Cake was particularly good, and despite having enjoyed other Pizza Express desserts in the past, the Fudge Cake was the only dessert from the menu that I felt like at the time. After our waitress had taken our orders, I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom. On my return to the table, I passed the serving and preparation counter and noticed what looked like a very delicious chocolate cake. A few minutes later, our waitress approached the table and informed me that in fact there was no chocolate cake available. I found this both disappointing and strange having just seen what looked very much like a chocolate cake only minutes earlier. There were no other desserts on the menu that I wanted to order, however as everyone else was having one, I felt it would have been rude not to order something. In the end, I opted for the Toffee Fudge Glory ice cream sundae and while it was very nice, it was not what I had been anticipating and looking forward to. Not long after our desserts had been served, I noticed another waitress walk past with a large slice of chocolate cake, complete with ice cream and strawberries. The cake was served to a table not far from us. I could not understand why my waitress had told me there was no Chocolate Fudge Cake available, when it was clearly being served to other customers! Strangely, I felt as though I had been discriminated against, and that our waitress had been dishonest with me. I would like to have confronted a staff member about the incident, however I felt too embarrassed and irritated to do so. Having enjoyed our pizzas, salads and drinks very much, our overall experience at Pizza Express this weekend was unfortunately tainted by this lapse in communication and service. As a result, we all found our lunch to be disappointing and unsatisfactory. I felt compelled to inform you of our experience as I feel that the high regard I previously held for Pizza Express has been damaged, and I hope you are able to ensure that this occurrence is not repeated, for the benefit of future customers. I have enclosed the receipt for our meal for your information. Regards, Zoe White 1 comment|post comment

[27 Jul 2006|12:11pm]
_silverlining Thank you for your email in connection with Surf's 99 stains. The 'notably excluded stains' you mentioned do fall into the 'Stubborn Stain' category, and do need a little pretreatment before Surf can work its magic. These are covered in our 'Stubborn Stain' section on the website. Some types of staining can be extremely resistant to washing and may require special treatments in order to achieve satisfactory removal. Mud and grass stains can often act like a dye and bond onto the surface of the fabric. Mud consists of a mixture of mineral and vegetable deposits and grass contains a natural dye called chlorophyll. We try to make laundry day, including stain removal an enjoyable and fun experience. The stains mentioned in our advertisements have all been removed by using Surf as recommended. I would like to reassure you that Surf did conduct a survey to find out the top stains from our consumers and these are included in our lists. Your comments on the stains have been noted and passed to the relevant department. Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us. Kind regards Ingrid Dippenaar Surf Washing Line Advisor She's right! The stubborn stains are mentioned here: bborn_stain_solver.htm However, She didn't really address any of my other points. Maybe I'll hear back from a Surf Washing Line Manager. 2 comments|post comment

[26 Jul 2006|03:48pm]
_silverlining Surf Unilever UK Freepost Admail 1000 London SW1A 2XX To Whom It May Concern, I recently saw your TV advertisement for Surf and its ability to remove ‘99 top stains’. Curious as to what you considered top stains, I visited your website. I was delighted to find a comprehensive list in alphabetical order. However, upon further inspection, I found a few discrepancies that I would like to bring to your attention. Asparagus soup/Tomato soup/Vegetable soup: It concerns me slightly that you need to specify types of soup. Does Surf only remove stains left by these three types of soup? Is your inclusion of vegetable soup an attempt to cover the myriad of other vegetables that can be made into soup, or do you just mean a broth-style soup that contains a mix of vegetables? What about chicken soup? Would Surf remove a zucchini and potato soup stain? Or do you just consider asparagus, tomato and vegetable soup to be the top three soups of all time? Personally, I’d swap asparagus for minestrone. Chicken soup is also very popular, perhaps more so than vegetable. However, with the number of people converting to vegetarianism, it’s possible that an old style vegetable broth could win in the popularity stakes. Perhaps listing just plain ‘soup’ would prove more inclusive. Dirt from the road: Just dirt from the road? What about dirt from the garden? Dirt from the office? Dirt from the dog? Dirt from school? Why specify dirt from the road and thus discount the hundreds of other origins of dirt? Fresh deodorant roller: What if the deodorant is dry and a few hours old? In my experience, it is possible to remove a fresh deodorant roller stain with a wet cloth or baby wipe. It’s the dry or older deodorant roller stains that prove the trickiest. Did you only include fresh deodorant roller because Surf isn’t powerful enough to remove older, drier deodorant stains? Mushy peas/Garden peas: Would garden peas and mushy peas not create the same stain? They’re the same food just in different forms. I’d be concerned if Surf removed garden peas but not mushy peas! Pineapple/pineapple juice: As above! Squirty whipped cream: How do you determine that Surf removes ‘squirty’ whipped cream but no other kind of cream? Do you conduct a series of tests of all the different types of cream? Is there something different in the constitution of squirty whipped cream as opposed to sloppy whipped cream or stiff whipped cream that makes it harder or easier to remove? Yoghurt drink/Raspberry yoghurt/Banana yoghurt/Blackberry yoghurt/Strawberry yoghurt/Rhubarb yoghurt: What about plain yoghurt? Peach or mango yoghurt? Did you determine that rhubarb yoghurt was more popular than plain yoghurt and thus deserved a place on the list over its unflavoured counterpart? Or does banana yoghurt leave a more stubborn stain than cherry yoghurt. Again, perhaps it would be worthwhile having just plain ‘yoghurt’ instead of listing specific flavours? Irish Coffee Liquor: A traditional Irish coffee is just coffee that contains Irish whisky. You can buy coffee liquor, or Irish coffee but I’m unsure if a specific Irish coffee liquor exists. I believe the inclusion of whisky renders Irish Coffee Liquor redundant. Hairspray: This is a particularly interesting inclusion. Not only does hairspray not stain (it’s a clear substance), but it’s often used as a stain remover. Some notable exclusions: Blood: The mother of all stains and definitely worthy of a spot in the top 99. One can only assume it’s been excluded because Surf isn’t powerful enough to remove it. Grass: This is the most family-friendly of all stains. From cricket whites to your child’s school clothes – every family needs a washing powder that can get rid of grass. Coffee: Your inclusion of ‘coffee milk’ but not coffee will have cappuccino swilling yuppies tossing and turning in their inner-city graves pads. Tea: Arguably the favourite drink of the majority of Britons and it’s not on the list? For shame. Red wine: The list contains white wine and rose wine (pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began) but fails to mention red wine. Red wine is easily one of the most stubborn and common stains, thus making it one of the 99 top stains. Again, one can only assume that Surf Ink: Every office worker’s worst nightmare.